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Parents » 2021-22 School Year Information

2021-22 School Year Information

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Mr. Lapori

ST 21-22 Opening Presentation


Hello Santa Teresa Families,

Welcome to the 21-22 school year, with a special welcome to our new TK and kindergarten students and new families! We are looking forward to the full return of all of our students to in-person learning!
As you may have heard, current guidelines will require all staff and students to wear masks indoors. There will be a few exceptions for students with medical conditions. Currently, wearing masks outdoors will be optional. As we all know, changes can come quickly with COVID-19, and we'll all be prepared to shift guidelines should that be required.
School starts on August 11th.
Our schedule will return to our pre-pandemic model:
TK/K - 8:30AM - 1:45PM
1ST - 6TH - 8:30AM - 2:45PM

* All Tuesdays are 1:45PM dismissal days for all students.
The first 5 days of school (8/11-8/17) will be adjusted days, with a 1:45PM dismissal for all students.
Teachers will send out an introductory Parent Square post on the afternoon of Monday, August 9th, which will inform you of your child's class placement. There is a strong possibility that classes may need to be adjusted within the first 2 weeks of school, and we all need to understand that initial placements may not be final.
We will also likely have a TK/Kindergarten orientation on Tuesday, August 10th. 
Should you have reservations about sending your child to school, the district sent out information regarding the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) independent studies program. The deadline to submit a request to join that program is tomorrow (6/27). A google form can be found in the VLA post from the district. For the vast majority of our students that will be returning to ST, you are ready to go, and can disregard the form.
Again, we are so excited to have all of our students back with us this year and look forward to providing you more information on the opening of school prior to August 11th.
Take care,

Mark Lepori
ST Elementary Principal
General Information
Our office is open from 8am - 3:30pm. We typically close from 12 noon-1:00 pm for lunch. The office is open for essential visits, including turning in registration paperwork. Email or phone is the best option for any support that does not require visitors to physically visit the school. Guests will be supported one at a time and all visitors must wear a mask.
Please see OGSD Student Calendar for further information on days schools are closed or have additional early release days. Please also subscribe to our school google calendar here. It has been updated for this school year and will continue to be populated with school events and spirit day notifications.
Health and Safety
All families and staff are asked to self assess their current health situation answering the 4 questions found here.
As you hopefully know, all students and staff will wear face masks at all times indoors. Currently, masks are optional outdoors. While most students likely have significant experience wearing a mask, please prepare them for indoor masking in the coming days. Please send students to school wearing a mask, with a back-up mask in their backpack. Students that do not arrive with a mask will be provided one. Unless there is a medical exemption from a doctor, all students must wear a mask. We will examine alternative face coverings for students with medical exemptions.
Students will be encouraged and provided time to wash and/or sanitize hands throughout the day. Should COVID-19 cases arise on campus, we will work with the district to follow the appropriate steps as determined by our district and the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health.
The best way for you to support the health and safety of our students as we fully transition to in-person learning is to ensure that anyone 12 and older in your household is vaccinated.
California is now offering free meals to all students, regardless of family income. Students can of course bring a meal from home, but it’s reassuring to know that any student that wants a meal can get one for free.
We will begin the year with all students eating lunch outside. Students will find stickers on each assigned outdoor table indicating a good spot to sit. This will allow for some social distancing during lunch. Students will be able to remove their masks to eat. Students will not be allowed to share food or drink with anyone else.
Students are encouraged to bring water bottles, which can be filled in the classroom, at our new fill station in the cafeteria, or at our fill station across from our new playground.